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Welcome to the Sub Zero 2022 season!
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Sub Zero will be having the following tryout schedule:

Open tryouts:
May 19th 6-8 pm @ Robbinsdale Middle School
May 21st 10am-1pm @ Robbinsdale Middle School - Twin Cities open division combine
May 22nd 10am-1pm @ Robbinsdale Middle School - Twin Cities open division combine

The combine will be sponsored by RIF Elite Online Coaching!

Please fill out the Open Combine Interest Form as well.

Closed tryouts:
May 26th
May 29th


Alex Rafkin
Anthony Jirele
Blake Trantina
Brandon Macho
Colin Berry
Connor Anderson
Drew Otterlei
Edwin Driver
Gordon Larson
Greg Cousins
Ian Hahn
Kristian Johnson
Luke Bleers
Malachi Raymond
Mickey Walsh
Noah Hanson
Paul Krenik
Sebastian Brauer
Tony Poletto
Tristan Van de Moortele
Tyler Thomegreene
Will Brandt


U.S. Open Club Championships 2021
8/7/2021 - 8/8/2021 - Blaine, MN
Sub Zero 15 - 12 Truck Stop
Sub Zero 15 - 13 Chain Lightning
Sub Zero 15 - 10 Inception
Sub Zero 14 - 12 PoNY
Sub Zero 12 - 15 Sockeye
Sub Zero 6 - 11 Chain Lightning

Northwest Plains Sectional Championships 2021
9/11/2021 - 9/12/2021 - Hartland, WI
Sub Zero 13 - 2 HouSE
Sub Zero 13 - 2 Overdrive
Sub Zero 12 - 9 Mallard
Sub Zero 7- 13 Mad Men
Sub Zero 13 - 10 Knights of Ni

North Central Regional Championships 2021

National Championships 2021


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